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Mechanical Sifter


In recent times the most important development that took place is the replacement of the conventional reciprocating motion by the gyratory motion in the sieving and straining operation. This machine is designed to provide gyratory vibration generated by means of balance flywheel. The amplitude of vibration is adjustable to the processing needs by means of movable weight on the flywheel. This ensures that every point on the screen surface continuously transverses a circular path in horizontal plane with the elimination of the vertical motion.

This is the only movement capable of effectively presenting in turn all the faces of irregularly shaped particles to the apertures of the screen. Again due to the absence of the vertical movement, bouncing of particles does not take place and thus presenting clear screen apartus.

It is difficult to indicate specific data on the proper amplitude of gyration, for a specific product. However, it has been found that straining operation of liquid & solids calls for lower amplitude to avoid splashing unless the viscosity and tension of the liquid is high.

Special Features

  • Simple design allows easy dismantling, cleaning & assembling.
  • High speed machine with higher out put.
  • It is compact & portable.
  • Different size of sieves are available & it can be easily change to suit
  • the product size required.
  • Available in Standard & GMP Model.
  • No dust problem due to close sieving operation.
  • Castore wheel mounted structure, gives mobility of the machine.
  • Very low maintenance cost.
  • Wide range of sieves are available.
  • Structure covered with SS304 cover, in GMP Model.

Optional Panel

  • Optional
  • Flameproof Motor with flameproof starter.
  • IPC stand to put IPC at charging height.
  • Conact parts made out of SS316 instead of SS304.


  • Sieves from 4 to 200 mesh, made out of SS304 / SS316.

Technical Specifications

Model 20" / 30"
Drive Motor 1.5 HP. / 2.0 HP. (1440 rpm / 3Ph / 415 V / Ac)
Screen Size 550 mm / 750 mm
All contact parts are made out of SS304 quality material.
D.O.L. starter provided with the unit.
Out put Depending upon the material properties and the screen size
Appro. Overall Dimension 900 x 900 x 1200 mm