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IPC Lifter


  • This equipment is most useful to lift the IPC to transfer the material from IPC to other container or in hopper of any equipment.
  • With help of this equipment dust free and very speedy material transfer is possible. The equipment is equipped with one jaw having clamping hooks to clamp   the IPC.
  • The hydraulic system (power pack unit with cylinder) is provided to lift the complete assembly with IPC.
  • With help of the hooks first clamp the IPC with jaw of the Lifter. Lift the whole assembly with IPC at a desirable height. Finally height can be adjust as per    requirement to transfer the material which are in the IPC. Discharge the material in other container or any other hopper, with help of butterfly valve which is  provided at discharge of IPC.

Special Features

  • GMP point of view equipment provided with S.S. cladding base, SS guards, SS cover on motor. No exposed painted surfaces on top of the machine. Hydraulic power pack is also covered with SS304 cover. (In GMP Model )
  • Very less material transfer time making the next process earlier & save time. Dust free system save environment of working area. The system can be operate by single operator.
  • Contact parts SS304 provided as a standard. SS 316 can be provided as a optional facility.

Intermediate Product Container :
IPC Capacity in Liters : 75 / 110 / 220 Liters

(IPC With Dust Tight Cover & Butter Fly Valve With Food Grade Gasket & Ditachable Trolley With Castore Wheel Mounted Legs)

Cylindrical Container
Capacity in Liters : 75 / 110 / 220 Liters

(Container With Loose Cover & Ditachable Trolley With Castore Wheel Mounted Legs)