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Fluid Bed Multi Technology FBMT

Top Spray / Dryer & Bottom Spray

Available Model 2, 10, 30, 60, 120 & 150 Kgs. 10 Kgs. model with additional set of bowl for capacity 01 to 02 Kgs.

Basic Unit

The basic machine is with two different processing insert…..

  • Top Spray / Dryer Insert
  • Wurster Insert ( Bottom Spray )

Chitra Fluid Bed Multi Technology provide processing flexibility for the production of granules & coating of powders and pellets.

Top spray / Dryer insert for granulation & drying and Wurster for particle coating & pallet coating.

The unit consists of…………………………

  • Inlet air handling unit. ( AHU or APU )
  • Inlet duct with b/f valve. ( 06 meters, standard lenth )
  • Inlet air plenum with pneumatic gaskets and wash water  drain port and ports for nozzle inserts.
  • Processing inserts………
     (A) Top Spray / Dryer Insert
     (B) Wurster Insert.
  • Expansions chamber..
  • Filter bag chamber with filter & 02 nos. side supports.
  • Filter cleaning system.
  • Outlet air duct.
  • Exhaust air blower assembly with motor.
  • Control Panel & Operating panel.
  • Pneumatic Panel.
  • Solution spray system with solution preparation vessel,  Peristaltic Pump, spray nozzle & silicon tubing.

Special Features

  • 2 bar sock resistance construction.
  • All contact parts made out of SS316.
  • All motor are of flameproof.
  • Inside of the all contact parts will be @ mirror finish and outside of all contact parts @ matt finish.
  • Rh trans-meter at AHU.
  • Inlet, outlet & product bed temperature sensors.
  • Differential pressure trans-meter for Filter bag & differential pressure gauge for Hepa filter at AHU.
  • A.C. Frequency drive for all motors.
  • Sampling port at product container.
  • Quick opening system for container sieve.
  • CIP port and nozzles.
  • Material charging ports , suitable for gravity and vacuum.
  • PLC based power panel with touch screen based operating panel for automated process controls.
  • Wash water drain port with valve at inlet plenum.
  • All rubber gaskets of silicon.
  • All light and sight glass with T/C clamp facility.
  • Pneumatic inflatable gaskets at bottom and top of the product container,  top of the expansion chamber and for air discharge bag sealing.
  • CGMP construction.

Optional Feature Which will be provide at extra cost, If Required :

  • Dew Point Sensor at inlet air duct, instead of Rh sensor at AHU.
  • Velocity Trans-meter for CFM measurement.
  • Differential Trans-meter instead differential pressure gauge at AHU and
  • Differential Pressure Trans - Meter for container sieve.
  • Jacketed Vessel instead of non jacketed. (for Solution Preparation.).
  • Flameproof Motor & Flameproof enclosure for panel for Solution Preparation Vessel.
  • Wet Scrubber at exhaust air.
  • Steam & Chilled Water Controlling Valve.
  • Peristaltic Pump of Master Flex-USA make instead of Indian make.
  • Flow Meter at Solution Spray System. [ Emersion make ( USA ) – Coriolis Type.]
  • Flameproof/Weatherproof Enclosure for Touch Screen.
  • Additional Duct per 1 Meter – Non insulated / Insulated.
  • Solid flow monitoring system.
  • Reduce capacity bowl for top spray & bottom spray.