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Fluid Bed Dryer

R&D Model

Electrically heated, made out of stainless steel 304, but contact parts i.e. Product Container and Retarding Chamber, are made out of S.S.316 quality material, with 1 HP flame-proof blower motor, suitable to dry approximate 01 to 02 Kgs. of wet material at a time. ( 03 footerce design )

Special Features

  • Uniformity in drying and reduction in drying time.
  • Very compact unit required less space.
  • Manually operated air dampers provided to control the inlet and outlet air flow.
  • An explosion safety flap of adequate capacity at the rear of dryer and an earthing point to prevent static charge in the machine.
  • Solid gaskets of silicon rubber at bottom and top of the container and at bag sealing.
  • Pneumatic system for container sealing & finger bag shaking etc.
  • All contact parts are made out of SS316 and general structure made out of SS304 quality material.

Optional Features

  • Atmospheric inlet air is filtered by means of Pre, Micro V and Hepa Filters OR AHU with dehumidification facility & Rh or Dew point sensor.
  • PLC based power panel with Touch Screen based operating panel with printer port facility.
  • Pneumatically butter fly valve at inlet & exhaust air line.
  • Blower motor FLAMEPROOF.
  • Differential pressure gauge or transmeter across the filters and across the air discharge bag.
  • Positive earthing arrangement with low voltage relay.
  • A. C. Frequency drive for blower motor.