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Dust Extractor

Capacity : 150 CFM & 300 CFM Standard Model & GMP Model.

Special Features

  • Overcome dust hazards as well as cross contamination at tableting m/c.
  • Minimizes mechanical strain, excessive wear of tableting m/c resulting in minimum m/c break downs & punch wears.
  • All inlet manifold and dust collection tray are of SS in both model. i.e Standard & GMP Model.
  • PVC flexible hoses are plain, i.e. without grooves from inside for easy of cleaning.
  • Five inlet manifolds facilitate to connect Tableting M/C & De dusting m/c.
  • Air blowing fan is dynamically balanced.
  • Castore wheel provided for ease in mobility.•
  • Nozzles & clamps, which will be fitted on rotary tableting machine will be provided by customer.