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Contra Rotating Mixer

Contra Rotating Mixer Lab

Optional Features

  • Contra Rotating Mixer Machine is design as per the vacuum application for de-airation of mixing container, to remove air bubbles from the product during mixing for GEL products. ( Vacuum System ) vacuum pump is not in our scope of supply.
  • Insulation will be provided on jacket of container. The insulation will be covered with M.S. material in standard model and SS304 material in GMP model. ( Optional )
  • Material discharge from bottom. Flush bottom valve provided for material discharge.
  • M/C provided with Light glass, Sight glass, material inlet, water inlet, steam & washing water inlet, air suction valve for vacuum, vacuum gauge etc...
  • Mixing assembly have two speed facility. Variable speed drive facility for mixing assembly will be provided on extra cost, as a OPTIONAL facility.
  • Digital Timer for Batch time setting.
  • Ampere Meter for main motor.

Optional Features

  • "PLC" based operating panel for automation.
  • Variable speed drive for main motor for variable rpm of mixing assembly.
  • Online sampling port to take sample of product during mixing.
  • Inline homogenizer or Colloid Mill.
  • Hydraulic lifting system for mixing assembly with top disc.